Maria Magdalena – Piligrimage of the Soul

August 26, 2015 | Author: webSman

The Music

It’s an combination of club music and string orchestra and spatial vocals of Maria Magdalena – European singer, violinist and composer. It’s the music of our times, directed to sensitive people, as well as those who love intense club rhythms and unusual, even cosmic, space in music.

Trailer for the project

Full Album Movie

The Image

With a separate title “Pilgrimage of the Soul” – co-created by a photographer and director known as Meth Dears and a 40-people crew of young artists to the rhythm of love for contemporary theatre forms.
This is not a movie, nor a music video. It’s not a theatrical performance, despite its construction.
Open visual form is like a dreamy vision – slowly draws the consciously dreaming audience into its space constructed with numbers, colors, symbols and emotions locked up in images.
The image demands commitment and focus of the viewer on the dreamy interpretation of the last journey of the protagonist – the Soul.

The Idea

Music and image are available for free, created in the name of the idea ”art for art’s sake” and a specific manifesto of respect for the artists and their work.
In the ages of the internet and everyday hectic schedules we slowly tend to forget about intellectual values.
Music, films, books etc., despite the amount of work and financial investments made by artists, hit the web and become a somewhat avalanche-like phenomenon of robbing the artist.
Maria Magdalena is a project that was created as a gift for people and with hope that they would understand the message and allow those who bring them more than just entertainment to continue working. All the authors engaged use nicknames to remain anonymous, giving the project the chance to be recognized for its value and not for the names behind it.
Maria Magdalena is a project which fate is determined by the receivers. We would be very happy if you could in any way help us share it (whether on your website or any other way), just to spread the word and let it float worldwide.