Makeup artist: Lauren Smith

April 8, 2014 | Author: miroir

Lauren Smith is the creator of these gorgeous makeup looks, ranging from fresh-faced beauty to the darker, more dramatic ones.

Lauren is a Seattle-based, self-taught makeup artist who started off in other areas of art, like poetry and sketching. She also loves surrealism (which is so Miroir!). She has a passion for colours and that surely translates in her beautiful work seen here.

Lauren mentioned a “secluded and depressed youth”, and “colour was something I lacked when I was younger”, which I think a lot of creative artists can relate, at least for myself and a few other artists I know. Fortunately there are always lovely, supportive people. In Lauren’s case, her husband and father. In our chat I asked Lauren where she gets her inspiration from, and of course it’s from details and colours in surrealism paintings that she loves. Also from real life: movies, games, ideas explained in books or other makeup artists’ work. Travels are inspiring too! The people, the cultures and adventures of different places also add to the artist. Art inspires art.

In the future Lauren would like to be in film, and I can imagine her succeeding in fantasy makeup, the kind of looks in movies like ‘THE HUNGER GAMES’. It will be a big commitment because being in film means relocating to California. I do believe Lauren will get there absolutely because from our chat, she is determined, motivated, and confident. In a field so competitive she has all the right qualities, and we wish Lauren all the best in her future endeavors!   ~ written by MIROIR Magazine contributing editor Heidi Cheung.

Photos by Nina Pak