August 2, 2021 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Andrea Castaneda

Q: Tell us about your art technique and what first sparked an interest in this medium.

A: I’m a mix media painter. I’m a very curious person. I like experimenting with different techniques like acrylic, oil, pastels, markers and ink. So some paintings that I do are fully 100% oil color, others I use mix media, I add inks, and acrylic paint. I love to add golden leafs to my artwork and sometimes I add abalone leafs. You can see some of my work that I also paint over plexiglass. I really enjoy having fun while I’m painting.

Q: Do you use any special materials, or do anything out of the ordinary when you are creating your art, If so, please tell us about it?

A: I added golden leafs, abalone leafs and I started to add some glitter to my artwork.

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May 27, 2021 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Kaitlyn Page

Q: Do you begin with a theme in mind, or does it emerge while you are working? What inspires your work, the current political conditions, the environment, the books you read, your dreams, or a conversation with a friend… In other words… does your inspiration come more from internal or external sources?

A: For most of my work, I like to begin with a general theme in mind. Sometimes this idea can take days or weeks to come to full fruition. Brainstorming is a big part of my process and I like to have my ideas solidified before sitting down to draw out the initial sketch. This isn’t always the case though and at times I will just sit down to draw and see what flows naturally. Other times I will slowly add to the idea as I go along. Taking a step back from the initial sketch can offer me a new perspective. From there I may decide to add or change something and let the image emerge on its own. As for inspiration, this takes many forms. Recently most of my inspiration has come from a road trip I took over the course of three months late last year. This trip has inspired me like no other thing in my life ever has. By seeing new and amazing things, I fell in love with a fresh perspective I never had before and because of this, I was able to channel something I never knew was possible through my work. In all, I enjoy taking inspiration from my life experiences, whether these are traumatic or eye-opening in nature. Every piece tells a different story as to where I was mentally and emotionally when I composed it.
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May 26, 2021 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Leilani Bustamante

Q: How are you inspired to create the powerful and compelling art you are known for?

A: I try and consume as much information as possible, and never stop learning.There is always more to learn about everything.______

Q: What does an image need to have to express or inspire a shift in awareness?

A: A big question mark. It needs to call the viewer to examine and reflect what their personal life experiences tell them about the piece.
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May 23, 2021 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Autumn Skye

Q: How are you inspired to create the powerful and compelling art you are known for?

A: For as long as I can remember, I knew my mission was to share inspiration. As soon as I was old enough to hold a paintbrush in my hand, I began making art, and I have barely put the brush down since. However, inspiration is a difficult energy to pinpoint, and perhaps even more tricky to contrive. The most effective way I’ve found to cultivate inspiration is to sit down at the easel. Just begin. Make art, get messy, have fun, stay curious. Often my best ideas come when I’m working on another piece, in the act of creation, mind at ease and hands and heart engaged. As Picasso said, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”

Q: What does an image need to have to express or inspire a shift in awareness?

A: Sometimes even the simplest composition can convey incredibly complex concept. I can’t say what exactly makes a paining poignant or evoke emotion. I don’t believe that it’s the contents of the painting, the subject matter, or even the skill involved in its creation that moves people at the deepest level.
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May 21, 2021 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Oliver Hazard Benson

Q: How are you inspired to create the powerful and compelling art you are known for?

A: My father died very suddenly when I was still a teenager. I left school. I felt so sad that I started to use spiritual practices to see him again. I ended up having visions – they were like dreams but far more real. I saw things or rather experienced things similar to the prophetic visions described in the bible, or in William Blake’s illustrations. This was a daily occurrence for more than a year and then stopped abruptly. The visions affected me deeply but I didn’t feel compelled to directly represent them in Art. Rather, I wanted the act of painting to be like the visionary state. I taught myself to paint and eventually the process of work itself became the inspiration. It was, is, quite natural. Art is like the throat of a person, the vital breath passes through and the voice is comes out, capable of huge varieties of expression. The speech carries from one person to another- wind through trees. To paint is to walk with the wind and then to fly
with it and, finally, to become the wind.
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