April 19, 2018 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Marie-Eve Proteau

Marie-Eve Proteau is a Canadian artist based in Trois-Rivières, Québec. She’s working full time in her sunny little studio accompanied by her curious rabbit. After exploring her work as a painter on various unconventional supports, she’s now focusing on her first twisted love, acrylic on canvas. An iconic feminine theme prevails in her paintings in a form of surrealist portraits where the emotions are implicitly drawn from the complexity of a relationship between two people; expectation, worry, obsession, secret, domination, soulmate affection.
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March 20, 2018 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Skye Davies

Q: Tell us about Skye Davies Inc. what are your goals and future plans for your designs?

A: The primary inspiration for Skye Davies Inc. comes from Mother Nature and through my brand, I create one of a kind, hand-dyed apparel for women of all shapes and sizes, sourced from ethical fabric suppliers. I want the women who wear my clothes to feel at their zenith while being comfortable, empowered and free to express themselves through the colours, textures and silhouettes of my creations.

Future plans for my brand include capsule collections of hand-dyed, ready-to-wear knitwear, a line of reusable bags, satchels and purses, as well as a collection of colourfully detailed, patch worked, evening skirts.

Q: Your fabrics are unique, can you share with us a little about your process of preparing the fabric and making it original?
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March 19, 2018 | Author: webSman

Interview With the Artist Erich J. Moffitt

Q: How long have you been an artist? Please tell us a little about your chosen medium? Do you do any other creative arts?

A: I decided at a very young age that art would be a unifying constant throughout my life. As the style and execution of my work have changed and grown, I’ve pursued a career as an exhibiting painter, working with both national and international galleries.
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March 15, 2018 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Gerald Brom

Since earliest childhood I have been fascinated by the spirits and forces swirling around us in their hidden realms—the spectral evidence of ancient beings and their rites and deeds both wicked and noble. It was as though they were calling to me and so I have made a life of trying to bring their voices to light. As a child they manifested in ambitious tales crafted in crayon and crude text all stapled together in handmade books. Now, all these years later, they still haunt me, vying for me to reveal them, to bring them out from the shadows for all to see, only now it is through oil paintings and prose, art books and novels, on and on until the day I can no longer hold a brush—a joy, a purpose, a curse.

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March 7, 2018 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist John Brophy

Q: What inspires your creations?

A: This is actually a hard question to answer. And to be perfectly honest I really don’t know. It’s often hard to identify where my ideas come from. more » “Interview with the Artist John Brophy”