Interview with the Artist Andrea Castaneda

August 2, 2021 | Author: webSman

Q: Tell us about your art technique and what first sparked an interest in this medium.

A: I’m a mix media painter. I’m a very curious person. I like experimenting with different techniques like acrylic, oil, pastels, markers and ink. So some paintings that I do are fully 100% oil color, others I use mix media, I add inks, and acrylic paint. I love to add golden leafs to my artwork and sometimes I add abalone leafs. You can see some of my work that I also paint over plexiglass. I really enjoy having fun while I’m painting.

Q: Do you use any special materials, or do anything out of the ordinary when you are creating your art, If so, please tell us about it?

A: I added golden leafs, abalone leafs and I started to add some glitter to my artwork.

Q: What are your favorite products or brands and why?

A: I like to use quality materials. Oil paint I love Gamblin paint and Acrylic I used Winsor & Newton, Golden or M. Graham. I love the pigment of the painting and it is easy to use.

Q: When did you begin to take an interest in art and for how long have you considered yourself an artist?

A: Since I was a little kid I started to find interest in painting. My dad is also a Fine Artist and I grew up seeing him painting every day. So my sister and I have been drawing and painting since we have memories. I have considered myself an artist maybe since I became a muralist 4 years ago. I discovered that I could do more than just paint or illustrate. I discovered my full potential as a creative person.

Q: What inspires your creations?

A: Nature is one of the main things. I love to add roses and flowers to my artwork. Also I love emotional scenes so I tried to create an emotional scenery for my artwork.

Q: Do you use live models and if so do you have a favorite muse? Do you find that having a model helps to inspire your creation? Or do you create everything from your imagination?

A: Yes I have used real live models and I have create thr idea in my mind. I usually like to paint older people they inspire me because of the wisdom, compassion and love.

Q: What challenges do you have when you’re creating, and what makes you the happiest when you’re bringing a new project to fruition?

A: I like to create Lightfull, sparkling and brightful. I love to experiment with my techniques and adding new art techniques to my artwork is hard because sometimes I can fail. But I like to try it anyway. I have fun when I paint!

Q: Were you formally trained or are you self taught?

A: I’m both. I have been practicing since I was little. I took a few art classes. I studied one year in Savannah Georgia of arts and Design. Later I started working as a professional illustrator and later on I learned the art of muralist. Now I’m studying a career in Fine arts.

Q: What advice do you have for artists who are seeking to follow a creative path as a career?

A: Study Marketing and your art career. You have to be prepared after you finish your art career.

Q: Has there been anyone in your life who was particularly influential or someone who supported your choice to become an artist?

A: My mother she is a huge inspiration in my life she is so strong and hardworking, my dad he is also an artist Piedesign who had inspired me to be a great artist as him and my Nany who had show me love and compassion.

Q: Can you name any artists who have influenced your style or techniques, and why they were favored?

A: Van Gogh, Piedesign, MK Joe, Dimitra Milan, Casey Baugh,, James Jean, Keyla Morel and Lindsay Rapp.

Q: Do you find that your environment or music influence your creative process, if so can you describe a perfect setting for you to do your art?

A: Well, I love to paint while I’m outside my house in front of the forest or when I travel to the beach I like to paint in front of the beach.
In general I like to paint around nature. It is so calm.

Q: If you could meet anyone who inspired you to be an artist (living or dead) who would that be and why?

A: Casey Baugh he looks a cool person, very social who can give me art advice + live advice.

Q: If you had full funding to do any project what would it be and why?

A: I would get my own studio and art gallery, a huge printer to make prints, create mugs, prints, stickers and more with my artwork printed. I already have that but you ordered from a website and I would like to have it in my art gallery too.
Buy lots of paints and canvases.
I also want to study in Italy for 3 months to 1 year. To keep developing my art techniques.

Q: What comes next? Do you have any big projects in the works or plans for the new year?

A: Yes, I do have a project coming up. I’m launching new prints, new products on my website, I’m participating in tons of art galleries in September and I’m going to NY for the first time to exhibit one of my artworks. I’m planning to have my art studio.