Jon Jaylo’s Wonderland Chronicles

October 13, 2015 | Author: Jo David

Mysterious things usually make you feel uncomfortable, restless and uneasy. Jon Jaylo’s mystery gave me a sense of serene acceptance of the unknown.

Jon Jaylo has recently exhibited his art at Distinction Gallery, in an amazing sold out show. Artist, filmmaker, curator, and MIROIR editor, Ixie Darkonn traveled from her home in Rome, Italy to Escondido, California to attend Jon’s opening at Distinction Gallery, take photos, and write this exclusive interview.
“Being true to one self”
What does that really mean? How do we achieve it? How do we find that hidden key?

We are all true to ourselves… then when we grow, we go through the risk of being true to our own lies. But we learn. We learn that nobody wants to be lead by someone who doesn’t really know where he’s going. So we learn to focus, and see through the fog of our inner doubts and we open up to what brings light through the cracks. “If you believe it, I’ll believe it”… and we must, we deeply must believe in the power of believing.

I came to know Jon’s art a while ago, and fell in love with it, before I even had the consciousness or the capacity to realize why. I just did. I loved it.
Probably because his art treasures truth, confidence, and wisdom.
Just like when you cross someone else’s eyes and you feel connected, magically. Now and then I remember myself going through his images on the web, sometimes I remember myself typing his name on Google, while I was distracted, maybe even while I was doing something else.
I took a flight, from Rome, on a sunny day. Like if I was falling in a hole full of light… and came here.
And his paintings were there, were all over the place, filling me with their mystery. Leading me where I wouldn’t go, if there wouldn’t be someone holding my hands.
His art was holding my hands, filling me with a peaceful sparkle of faith and trust.

Mysterious things usually won’t make you feel comfortable, usually they would just give you restlessness… Jon Jaylo’s mystery gave me a sense of serene acceptance of the unknown, as if his art gives answers to questions we do not dare to make.
So I walked in, into this precious gallery, Distinction Gallery which is like a magnet, capable of picking and putting together the best vibes in this so-called art world… and treasures it, with care, by keeping out “viruses from the cynical side of the world”.
And i did my job.
I opened my heart, in this “safe corner of the planet”…
As a human being.
As an artist.
As a friend.

Jon, welcome to Wonderland

Q: I would like to ask you if, once you finish one of your pieces, if you feel released… or if you feel empty, with no strength left, or…. maybe stronger?

A: There is definitely a sense of fulfillment every time I finish an artwork.It’s a bittersweet feeling in a way… like letting go of a child you raised and cared for, for so many years, then letting go of that child the moment he/she has become an adult, and you part ways..the process is almost the same. It’s not emptiness that I feel…it is liberating in the end, and gives me strength to create new concepts for the next painting.

Q: Jon, is painting a process for you to get to know yourself better or is it a way for you to express what you already understood of yourself?

A: Painting for me is magical… you can find your way but sometimes you can also lose yourself… it’s a constant process of learning and unlearning at the same time.Will painting be the key to finally understand myself? …are there answers I’d rather not find out? I’ll go for the unknown.

Q: Jon, do you start from a concept and find a way to express it…. or do you just let your hand go… and would you go find the meaning of what you painted, afterwards?

A: It all starts with the mind and heart for me to be able to express what I want on the canvas.There are times when the story is already given but I still have to work with the symbols and elements that I feel would fit in the puzzles that are essential to the artwork. I have a specific meaning to every piece… but the moment the viewers see it, it offers a whole different story… and I welcome that. Inspiration & Imagination are limitless.

Q: How do you deal with your creative side? How do you manage your creative studio life and does this affect your personal life?

A: I think being creative is inside of us. You just have to listen and know when to do it. We have the choice to ignore it or nurture it. I think finding the right balance is important as an artist. I am not just a painter, I am also a father and a friend, there are days that I’m not creative at all and it’s an opportunity for me to attend to other matters.

Q: What makes you feel vulnerable, if there is something that makes you feel like that?
A: Parting ways with people that are dear to me…I feel helpless sometimes…..but they can also be my source of wisdom and strength in the end.

Q:What makes you feel strong?

A: My children keep me focused and strong. They have truly helped me in many ways. Through the difficult trials/situations I’ve experienced, they helped me discover my inner strength. My paintings also helps in a lot of ways.

Q: Once someone walks away from your painting, what would you like them to feel?

A: I want to inspire them…that no matter what we go through in life… you just gotta have faith… you must have hope even in your darkest hour… because I believe sooner or later things will turn out fine. In most of my work, there’s always a positive lesson you can learn from it. Use it as an inspiration to move your life.

And yes, I am walking away from his paintings carrying those visions with me, visions that probably will never fade.
from Wonderland.

Photos by Rave Jaylo and Ixie Darkonn