Exclusive interview with Peca

Peca Artist
December 24, 2016 | Author: webSman

Q: Tell us about your beginnings as an artist, when did you begin to draw or paint?

A: I Started to paint at an early age, this became the continuity of my life, although in the beginning I was not conscious of the artist inside me. Over the years all that creative potential became an essential part of my lifestyle, until finally it became my profession. It all flowed in a very natural way to that conclusion.

Q: Do you have a formal education in art or are you self taught?

A: I have an academic background, I graduated from the University of Fine Arts in La Plata as a recording artist. Although, at the same time I am quite self-taught, I had to learn by spending a lot of hours in my workshop, doing and undoing. I am very technical but with my own technique, nothing that was learned in an academic setting. Perhaps it is rather clumsy, linked more to my own perception of energy. My work is like a kind of meditation and the construction of my paintings has to do with a search for personal balance.

Q: You have a very unique style and the characters you create are like nothing we have seen before, what inspires you to make this art?

A: I often wonder where the beings that I paint come from, or why they have these characteristics and not others, why my hands have this way of moving and making a stroke, it is difficult for me to get answers, I think that every artist achieves a connection with their own inner dimension that is unique and expressed unconsciously. Really I don’t know why I paint these things or where they come from, I do not even know where the need to create comes from. Sometimes I believe that we are part of the universal movement and that we are traversed by infinite information from remote places, perhaps we are trying unconsciously to decode this information. I think that we are a little part of the big Organism.

Q: Who is your biggest supporter? Is there someone special who has helped you along the way?

A: The person who has always supported me, stimulated and inspired me, is my life partner Mono Cieza, we met a lot years ago and we have always believed in each other, many times we have worked together and also on our own separate projects, but we are always on the road to Art.

Q: Is there an artist in history who influenced your work, or is there an artist with whom you feel an affinity?

A: There are many artists who have influenced and inspired me, painters, musicians, filmmakers, animators. I think the first ones have been the Beatles. With regard to painting, the first work that shook me when I was a child was Garden of Delights by Geronimus Bosch, especially the hell realm, I spent a lot of time observing and trying to understand that it was all madness, I was fascinated. Later I was intrigued with Caravagio, Ingres, Van Eyck, Archimboldo, Bacon, later Dadaism, contemporary art, some Comic artists like Carlos Nine, also HRGiger, and when the pop-surrealism art appeared in my life, I felt I was at home.

Q: If you could do any project with full funding, what would it be and why?

A: I do not have at the moment any projects which are too economically ambitious, I have two solo shows, for which I have already started working on large format paintings, this is something I missed a bit, for the last three years. I have to send work long distance and it is easier to mail small or medium format works.

Also I have been doing some wooden dolls, which I cut out as pieces, and then I used these for stop motion animation.
For 2018 I have planned a two artist show with Yoko de Holbachie, but and I have not thought about the work for this show yet.

Q: Tell us a little about your process, the materials you prefer and how you create.

A: Lately I am working with oil on canvas or wood, sometimes I make some basic sketches or write some ideas, or dreams and other times, most of the time, I start with my mind blank, or I think about the construction of the work, the Spaces that will occupy each of the beings that arise from there, sometimes everything flows in harmony from beginning to end, and other times I stop in a space that I can not solve and I stay days in that loop, I do not know why this happens to me, I think it is a forceful cause. I feel that sometimes it does not matter if it is well or badly painted it is not about that, I obsess about maybe 5 cm square of the painting and while this energy knot is not resolved, I can not go on, fortunately there is a time when everything is fixed.

Q: What if anything has strongly influenced your art?

A: In addition to all the art I have seen and heard, meditation, dreams, and my existentialist spirit strongly influence my work, for me painting is a reflection, observing others, and observing myself seeking answers, it is a moment of very strong intimacy.

Q: Has your published work in the print issue of Miroir Magazine helped your career as an artist?

A: Of course it has helped, because it is a way of showing my work in an exquisite curatorial context in addition to the great quality of paper and printing and because it is a medium respected by artists, galleries, and collectors and art lovers, so many thank you for inviting me to be part of this team and trust my work from the beginning.

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