Giulia Danese

March 18, 2018 | Author: webSman

My passion has always been to create fantasy worlds and fantastic scenery.
I am attracted to everything that is dreamlike, mystical, mysterious and powerful and fortunately I do a job that allows me to introduce, mix and rework, all of these influences that fascinate me in all my creations.

I recently started a series of personal projects, fantastic tales, of which I recreated atmosphere, characters, costumes and settings thanks also to the participation of a fantastic team.

For the aesthetic style of the images of this project (completely shot in the studio) I wanted to imitate the style of Flemish painting with the awesomeness that arouse to us the hybrid and grotesque creatures that appear in some paintings of this kind of art and its use of very dark backgrounds in sharp contrast with the subjects in light.

Then I imagined three hypothetical entities that we will risk to encounter wandering alone in a dark forest. Mysterious creatures out of time, sinuous, graceful and provocative but, being unknown to us, they are also disturbing.
From our first encounter, the atmosphere becomes increasingly gloomy, the air and the light change and they bring us, finally, to the apparition of the third creature.

These unreal characters (perhaps spirit guides) which we encountered only thanks to the fact that we got lost, wandering “more and more in the heart of the forest”, inevitably them bring me to remember the three creatures, much more famous, encountered by Dante Alighieri in the first canto of the Inferno.
From here the title in tribute: “Within a shadowed forest”.