Interview with the Artist Akiko Ijichi

April 26, 2018 | Author: webSman

Q: Tell us a little about your method and how you came to favor this medium.

A: I’m a “Nihonga” painter. Nihonga is a traditional style of painting in Japan.It uses Crushed mineral pigments mixed with a natural liquid adhesive and applied with sumi ink outlines on top of Japanese paper (washi).

A: I like matiere of “Nihonga” Grains of colors sparkle in the light, because of the crushed mineral or semiprecious stones. The matiere is matte, powdery and delicate.

Q: Do you consider yourself a story teller, does your art have a message?

A: Yes. My art work always has messages. I paint motifs which has allegory.

Q: When you create art is there a particular audience you are try to reach?

A: I want to reach everyone, but I think it is difficult, because people have various values and sense of beauty. My paintings may be beautiful for someone, but may be creepy for others.

Q: What inspires your creations?

A: I get inspirations from relationships, news, books etc, in my daily life.

Q: Is there someone special who has encouraged your work and your path as an artist?

A: Not particularly.

Q: How would you define beauty? Is there a deep or intense sensory manifestation or a meaningful quality that speaks to you? Can you describe what quantifies the essence of beauty for you?

A: I think “beauty of inside” is important, not superficial. I think beauty of the truth is just beautiful just there. It doesn’t include flattery, superiority, egoism, and greed. That is things like “Concepts”. So I don’t paint beauties. I paint “concepts” and “Sanctity” using woman’s (Girl’s) shapes. I often explain they are like “Shrine maidens” to Japanese magazine. The shrine maiden is a sacred existence that a sprit or a god possess her and give oracle.

Q: When looking for a subject or a model, what qualities do you look for specifically? What is most important to you?

A: Whether my heart will move or not.

Q: Do you feel that art should exemplify the “Golden Mean” to be pleasing to the eye?

A: I don’t think so. Art sometimes makes you not only pleasure but also fear, sorrow, loneliness. The essence of art is exchanging the mind.( communicate through art work) It wakes upthe experience or feeling of audience.

Q: How do you want to be remembered?

A: Difficult question… My work should be left in people rather than myself.