Verborgenheit (Concealment) by Roxanna Walitzki

January 15, 2019 | Author: webSman

Experimental opera singer and performance artist Roxanna Walitzki is releasing a new video and song: 
“Verborgenheit (Concealment)”.___
In a poignant ode to solitude, the elements rage around Walitzki as she struggles to maintain her footing on hostile terrain. Billowing winds sweep her body, but the poised mezzo-soprano turns inward, emitting a haunting, heartfelt plea for the world to let her be.  As the winds continue to storm, she steps further into the vast unknown with dancerly grace, fully embracing a calm and consoling solitude.

Walitzki’s new arrangement of the song, written in 1888 for voice and piano by Hugo Wolf with a text by Eduard Mörike, is as turbulent as the natural forces that surround her: bowed electric guitar and gritty samples augment and escalate the drama.  The turmoil builds, then resolves into a lingering drone as the salted landscape fades away.

Filmed by visual artist Redd Walitzki on the Bonnevile Salt Flats while the siblings were on a roadtrip together, the video features a parachute gown by Seattle fashion designer Stone Crow Designs.

“Verborgenheit” releases on January 18th, and will be available for streaming and download on all major platforms.