Themes for Miroir Magazine 2019

FUTURISTE: Art & Interview Deadline: March 1st, Publish date: March 15th

Futuristic, retro-futurist, predictions and possibilities that reflect how artists see our future, be it a pop surreal Jetson’s utopia with flying cars and space needles, or a dystopian commentary of the environment we are destroying… or just some crazy mix of Blade Runner avant-garde fashion! Look at the trends and imagine what we will be living like in the years to come. Robots, aliens, or just a reflection of the very real human condition and where it is taking us. If you have art that fits this theme please get in touch. If you are a photographer and inspired by the concept send me samples of your finished set. Any medium will be considered.

HISTORIQUE: Art & Interview Deadline: May 15th, Publish date: June 1st

Historic, images that reflect times past. Any era, significant, notable figures, important and momentous occasions, consequential, and memorable art that is unforgettable, and remarkable; we are looking for work that reflects or idolizes the past. It can also have surreal or fantasy elements. It does not have to stay true to the period or style, but rather be inspired by it. Any medium will be considered.

MONDE: Art & Interview Deadline: August 15th, Publish date: September 1st

Monde is French for World, We are looking for images relating to the elements: earth, water, air, fire. Any art that incorporates nature. The images can be fantastic, surreal or realistic. Any medium will be considered.

L├ęgende: Art & Interview Deadline: Nov. 15th, Publish date: Dec.1st

The theme Legend was of great interest to our artists, here we have decided to use the same title, using the French spelling for our last issue of the season. Be a Legend! This is our most open theme of the year, we are looking for exceptional and inspired art for this issue. Any medium will be considered.

The sample sets are merely mood boards to show the type of art we will be looking for when we curate these themes.

Submissions: Our Curator, Nina Pak, generally sends out invites to artists she feels will fit the theme of each Miroir publication. If you feel you have art that fits our demographics, she is willing to take a look. You can send Nina a link to your website, or you can send samples to: Samples should be no larger than 800 pixels on the long side. Please do not send Zipped files. She will be viewing the first samples at the end of January. For further information please read our Q&A page.