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In regard to Intellectual Property Rights:

(Intellectual property is a global overall term defining creations of the mind – in other words, ‘things’ that people create from their personal imagination)

If you are a writer for Miroir Magazine, you do so with the agreement that Miroir Magazine has exclusive rights to all exclusive artist interviews for Miroir Magazine. In which case the artist has agreed to give Miroir Magazine an interview and you are acting as the interviewee, representing Miroir Magazine. You agree that the article will only be published in Miroir Magazine and/or the miroirmagazine.com website, and it will be the intellectual property of Miroir Magazine. The agreement states that the Author will always be credited when the interview is published.

In all other cases, If the writer, as the creator and/or owner of written material gives Miroir Magazine articles or blog entries, the writer will maintain the copyrights. They have the right to use this written material as they wish, to repost, share or sell the articles in other places.

The Author, by submitting their contributions to Miroir Magazine gives their permission to Miroir Magazine to reproduce their contribution: an interview, article or blog entry in print form for distribution, to make copies of the work for public view; communicate the work to the public (e.g. display, perform, broadcast, or make available in an interactive manner); sell copies of the work in Miroir Magazine; make translations or adaptations of the work; and make the work available on the Internet.

The writer by submitting to Miroir Magazine agrees that they no longer have control of the format of the article or interview when it is used by Miroir Magazine. They will not have the right to edit or make corrections to the copy, the style, or format. Miroir Magazine will have the right to lay out and design the interview, using the written material as they see is right or useful for Miroir Magazine. Parts of the written material may be used out of context. The content may be used only in partial form in the print issue, and when posted on the miroirmagazine.com website it will be formatted to fit the website design, which might change the structure of the submitted text or the previous formatting of the intellectual property. Miroir Magazine will have the right to cut and edit the interview before publishing. The Author will not be able to demand to change, edit or add to the text.

The Author agrees that no matter how the transboarder rules or regulations for intellectual property rights change from country to country, Miroir Magazine has usage rights (as stated above) to the material they submit, and once it is given to Miroir Magazine, the usage is then determined entirely by Miroir Magazine, and no complaint or infringement to those rights will be brought forth, Miroir Magazine and its creators will be held harmless in all disputes regarding this intellectual property.

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