Prom Queen’s “Midnight Veil”

October 26, 2012 | Author: webSman

Here’s a very special treat from Miroir Magazine and our favorite local band, Prom Queen.
Prom Queen’s “Midnight Veil” is a magical full video album of 12 original songs and fun videos conceived and produced by multi-talented enchantress Leeni Ramadan.
It’s absolutely brilliant! Please enjoy and share Prom Queen’s “Midnight Veil”.

Prom Queen has unleashed the seductive magic of Midnight Veil, a multi-media concept album of dreamy vintage pop and has been called “a tour de force of high camp and unrepentant glitz*” by City Arts Magazine. The video album is 12 tracks with 12 interconnected music videos. The music encompasses a spectrum of feels from mid-century Middle Eastern exotica to spaghetti Western to spacey Psychedelic rock: and the videos stylistically span “from Middle Eastern kitsch and fire dancing to drag queens, Betty Draper-esque housewives and animated cartoons right out of Hanna-Barbera*” (*Amanda Manitach, City Arts).
The film is not rated and the total runtime is 59 minutes.

PROM QUEEN’s new album “Midnight Veil” was Kickstarter-funded to be a visual album, where each of the 12 songs has their own music video.

Leeni Ramadan of Prom Queen


Music by: Prom Queen
Produced by: Leeni Ramadan
Co-produced by: Danny Boulet, Andrew Dean Eberhart
Directed by: Danny Boulet, Leeni Ramadan
A WittyPixel Production