Interview with the Artist Paolo Pedroni

August 13, 2017 | Author: webSman

Q: How long have you been an artist? Please tell us a little about your chosen medium.

A: I may say I’ve always been an artist. Since I was a kid, I was interested in making my fantasies tangibles. In the beginning, I chose to work with digital painting as it allowed me to experiment and to avoid weighing time. Lately, I started again with oil painting. I hate repeating myself, both with subjects and techniques.

Q: Have you been trained, and if so from what institution? Or are you self taught?

A: I started with artistic high school and continued with studying interior design.

Perhapsdesigning spaces led me to the computer, though I am completely self taught with reference to digital painting.

Q: What inspires your creations?

A: My creations come from many directions. I can be inspired by a feeling, a color combination, an atmosphere, or single objects. I can’t deny references to classic mythology or japanese folklore. I just need a sparkle and my imagination starts sketching the images.

Q: Was your family supportive of your artistic endeavors?

A: Absolutely. My dad would have wanted me to join a school of fine arts, but Ihad different ideas. Going back, I would take his advice.

Q: Is there someone special who has encouraged your work and your path as an artist?

A: Over recent years, I was surely pushed by my life partner, besides my family.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams or future goals?

A: My main aim is to improve more and more and to be able to reach the widest range of people. Of course, I would love a personal exhibition and to go on doing what I love.

Q: If you could do any project with full funding what would it be?

A: I’d love to create something involving not just me but a large number of artists, maybe to raise funds for a worthy cause. I never thought of this, I would love to be more precise.

Q: If you could meet any artist who is no longer living, who would it be and why?

A: Hard choice! Above all, I would say Gustav Klimt, I’ve always been fascinated by his figures. It’s not something rational, it’s like when you fall in love. I love everything in his works and I would not change a thing.

Q: Tell us about the ghostly elements in your art?

A: The afterlife, the supernatural and the unknown are a continuous source of inspiration. The ghost is life and death together, that’s why they are so fascinating.

Q: Have these sort of haunting themes always been of interest to you?

A: Specters and macabre characters always played a role in my imagination, making me feel fascinated andscared at the same time. Painting is an exorcism, a way to set them free.

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost?

A: No, never. I would be scared to death.

Q: Do you have a favorite ghost story?

A: THE OTHERS, the 2001 movie is an astonishing ghost story.

Paolo Pedroni is a featured artist in the Specter Issue of the Miroir Magazine.