Interview with the Artist Kazuki Takamatsu

November 16, 2017 | Author: webSman

Q: Tell us a little about your method and how you came to favor this medium.

A: I use 3DCG to make a drawing and print it on tarpaulin. Then I paint acrylic gouache by hand and air brush to finish it.
I used to make a clay model and cut several layers then, I used oil to make a painting.
However, it is quite difficult to make a complicated motif by cutting a clay model. Then, I met a 3DCG creator at one of my shows and he suggested that I could use a computer and CG. I believe that 3DCG is the best way to express my concept, so I have been studying 3DCG by myself.

Q: When you create art is there a particular message you intend to impart?

A: We use Social Networking Services, blogs and other things as a communication tool nowadays. We don’t care about the principle and discipline because it is anonymous.
People don’t know the name, age and sex of a contributor through the handle name or avatar, so they write their true words and feelings.
Each graduation from surface to depth means the distance without the light and shadow.
Black and white are a metaphor of the positive and negative sides of our mind, truth and evil.
The concept is a hybrid of hand painting and CG (Character Generation), symbolizing a living body and a virtual body, it demonstrates our emotion metaphorically.
I believe that there is a perfect mirror which will reflect the contradiction of the present world in the pure emotion of a young generation, and it is a symbol of beauty.

Q: What inspires your creations?

A: The teenagers and those who are in their twenties, the youth I meet and communicate with on Social Media Networks.

Q: Are there historic artists who influenced your style?

A: Georges Seurat, his own technique and process to make art.

Q: How would you like to be remembered?

A: When people see my work, I hope they might feel sympathy, then I want them to accept my ideas. I want my work to capture their thoughts and way of life.

Q: If you could undertake any project with full funding what would it be and why?

A: I would like to make a 3D movie with music in the sky at night. I would show it everywhere like a parade. Then many people could see my work.

Q: Majestic symbolizes a grand endeavor, a great undertaking, or something exalted, imposing, lofty, magnificent… What mind-blowing mark on the world do you wish to make with your art?

A: There is a lot of work that is based on negative criticism, of our society and individuals, I think it is hard for most of people. I want to create affirmative work in this world, to inspire and heal people.