Homeberries – Ixie Darkonn’s New Show

November 29, 2017 | Author: webSman

On the 6th December 2017 Parione9 Gallery unveils “Homeberries”, Ixie Darkonn’s solo show, part of the first edition of “I Dreamk it: I Dream + I Drink”

On the 6th December 2017 Parione9 Gallery unveils “Homeberries”, Ixie Darkonn’s solo show, part of the first edition of “I Dreamk it: I Dream + I Drink”. Parione9 Gallery presents the first edition of I Dreamk it, a project by Ixie Darkonn. To eat. To drink.

The basic human needs. A refreshment for the Spirit. On the occasion of this first edition Ixie makes her return to Italy with Homeberries, her solo show, planned from the 6th December 2017 until the 9th January 2018 at the Parione9 Gallery in Rome.

I Dreamk it is a format, a review, that sees the art on the bottle and the wine in the gallery. Every year artists from all around the world, invited by Ixie, will be involved for the next editions alongside the best labels of Italian wine, chosen by Livia Belardelli.

In Homeberries more than 40 artworks, both on wood and paper, are dedicated to the research of “home”. Ixie Darkonn’s houses, wrapped up in a fantastic and surreal atmosphere, are: “That sort of confusion between going away and coming back, where you feel that you’re leaving pieces of home everywhere you go. Home to me is where words cease our hunger for life. Where every vibration corresponds with an echo.
At every signal, a reply.
At every hesitation, an encouragement.
I think that we can be complete individuals only when we leave room for other people’s point of view. My homes have just one eye… because the other one comes from the rest of the world. This explains why they merge and blend harmoniously with their surroundings, still keeping their identity.
Home is us. Home is kindness. Nothing more than that.
Home is the research of that loving spirit that makes a briar sweet… like a berry.”

This is the poetry of Ixie Darkonn, descendant of a family rooted in centuries of nobility and artists. Ixie, whose multifaceted activities can be hardly summarised in one term, when asked “Are you a painter? A director? A stylist? A writer? An artist?”, she replied defining herself like an “Art Hunter”, someone who finds art in living.

Ixie Darkonn
Artist, curator and film director
In the last few years she’s dedicated herself to writing novels and scripts and she curated international exhibitions in the USA (Panted Sound, where artists have been called to paint music for those who can’t hear it) in which Ixie has involved many international surrealist artists and created some short films.
Ixie Darkonn makes her return to Italy after her last project on Tim Burton (Nightmare In Wonderland Project), shown in Chicago, Vancouver, San Diego and Berlin.
She began at the Juan Miró Foundation in Barcelona; in San Francisco, Detroit and Los Angeles at galleries like La Luz De Jesus Gallery and Distinction Gallery.
One of her artworks has been chosen by Universal Pictures to represent the film Snowhite And the Huntsman and it has been displayed in Hollywood next to the original clothes of the film of the costume designer Award winning Colleen Atwood.
In the same year (2012) Ixie had a personal exhibition in the White Velvet Space of the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

Parione9 Art Gallery is a young art gallery in the heart of Rome. It was founded in 2014 by Marta Bandini and Elettra Bottazzi, with the aim to create an innovative space to promote art with an innovative approach to the world of Illustration and Tattoo Art.

During the Vernissage:
An introduction to a limited edition wine Testardo IGT Sangiovese-Cabernet by SENSI for this first edition of I Dreamk It (already winner of three medals in its first year of marketing. Rises: Premi: IWC 2015 TRACNCHE2, BERLINER WINE TROPHY 2015, KOREAWINE CHALLENGE 2008, MUNDUS VINI 2007).
The launch of Darkonn’s brand limited edition:
– handbags
– jewelery – ”Homeberries Darkonn by Orozecchino”
– accessories by the stylist Eleonora Grimaldi

Introduction to the short film “Homeberries” with the participation of:
Francesco Baccini and the little Evelyn Yuki Garnet for her first time on the screens. The cast will be present too.
Also on display:
Turi Avola
Germano Fusco Guitars

The guests who show the paper invitation during the opening will receive a small cadeau valid for 2.

With partnership of Osteria delle Coppelle.

We’ll wait for you on 6th December at home, in the gallery to taste its juice: HOMEBERRIES.‬

via di Parione 9, 00186 Roma (piazza Navona)