The Photographer Sarah Bowman

August 5, 2019 | Author: webSman

I first approached photography as an outlet to encourage others to recognize and appreciate their own beauty. Years passed, as I became more inspired by ethereal and fantastical concepts, and I became interested in more creative interpretations.

The soft and whimsical poise of a fairy; darkness, dejection, feelings of loss and sorrow; I adore finding the allure anywhere on the spectrum. This passion has developed into a desire to offer a glimpse into the intangible, preternatural domain.

I draw much of my inspiration from folklore, mythology, or strong feelings. On occasion, a distinct face, or person, provokes an idea. Artistic films or video games may also arouse an image.

If I’m feeling lost for ideas, reading about color theory and observing interesting color combinations then attempting to apply them into a shoot can be a good exercise. I believe that inspiration is cultivated like a garden, and it needs care and attention to thrive. As people inspire me, I hope I am able to inspire others!