Genesis by Nina Pak

May 22, 2021 | Author: webSman

A New Beginning, we have had a world-wide crisis with the pandemic, at the same time it was an unprecedented social experiment, we were challenged in many ways. For some it was a rebirth, where isolation caused introspection, made us dig deeper and find other ways to express our creativity. For some it resulted in a sort of clean slate, as previous commitments fell away and new opportunities present themselves.
We start over, with courage and determination. Change is rarely welcome, but regardless of our complacency, change is sometimes necessary. The Pandemic was the advent of something unexpected. A shift in our lives that forced us to do everything differently. How we accept that change is a matter of perspective. We have an innate trust in ourselves. When our lives are difficult, we find reserves within, there is resilience, faith which moves us, and holds us up. For those who are willing to see the positive side in this experience it has been a renewal, where new ideas emerged.
We have been enlightened by events both brutal and compassionate. We have experienced a painful time, on many levels. Some of us have lost loved ones, been challenged financially, have lost opportunities, have struggled with isolation or being separated from loved ones. There have been very real shifts in our awareness of civil rights, political and social inequalities. As artists, we sometimes reflect on the challenges of our society, working what we perceive into our art. While others point to a direction far removed from the struggles at hand, to inspire those who would dare, to follow a new path. For this issue of Miroir, we looked for the artist’s view on what will rise out of the ashes, what comes next, or what they envision for our future.

I am grateful to all who contributed, for sharing such insightful reflections and honest concerns. My hope is that from this point forward, we can grow as a community, supporting and caring for each other, regardless of all that separates us. If we can marshal in a new paradigm, see the path forward with fresh eyes, perhaps there is something of value to be gained from these troubling times. Let us not mistake difficulty for failure, as long as we have the intent to change the world, there is hope.