Artist Nom Kinnear King

October 16, 2021 | Author: webSman

I think it’s important in your work to reflect what’s important to you, my paintings are rooted in escapism and a big part of that is the beauty of nature and wanting to hold on to that and cherish it.

I work quite seasonally, each season sets a new tone to the pieces and its own imagery within nature which inspire my ideas throughout the year. The garden, woods, and sea are recurring settings for my character and the flora and fauna that inhabit them. And when I paint pieces set inside the houses I love to paint nature seeping in taking over the interiors too.

It’s hard to choose between I think I love to paint the forest and the sea quite equally but as a person, if I had to choose which I would wander off to it would most definitely be the forest it’s the place that gives me the most sense of freedom and calm.

It would be wonderful to travel around all the most unique and beautiful spots in the UK, painting my characters exploring these places and creating a book from these explorations, using local folklore and customs to inspire the pieces.

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