Artist Aron Wiesenfeld

October 18, 2021 | Author: webSman

An artist’s only responsibility is to be interesting. The underlying theme of all my work is the relationship between Nature and culture, the push and pull they have on the individual, and how we try to reconcile them. I feel there is beauty to be found in just about every environment, what I might use for a particular painting is one which I feel serves the story I am trying to tell.


Aron Wiesenfeld‘s vast landscapes with a solitary figure evoke empathy from the viewer, the figures often appear lonely, melancholy, somber. There is a quality of suspense as well, as if they tug on a part of our past, something not quite remembered. They evoke the sort of memory’s we have when waking from a dream which you can’t quite recall, you still have the feeling of it, but not the whole meaning, you’re left with the impression of it, the longing, the vulnerable epiphany that the dream was trying to evoke. Aron is a master of the understated, he leaves us hints, makes us wonder about the story. His exquisite detail work draws us close until we feel as if we could walk into his worlds.