June 1, 2016 | Author: webSman

Benjamin Vierling. Terra Firma.

Exclusive interview with artist Benjamin Vierling for Miroir Magazine Terra Firma issue.

Q: How long have you been an artist? Please tell us a little about your chosen medium.

A: I’ve been composing images for as long as memory serves. I have distinct recollections of drawing for hours as a child._____ more » “Benjamin Vierling. Terra Firma.”

October 13, 2015 | Author: Jo David

Jon Jaylo’s Wonderland Chronicles

Mysterious things usually make you feel uncomfortable, restless and uneasy. Jon Jaylo’s mystery gave me a sense of serene acceptance of the unknown.

Jon Jaylo has recently exhibited his art at Distinction Gallery, in an amazing sold out show. Artist, filmmaker, curator, and MIROIR editor, Ixie Darkonn traveled from her home in Rome, Italy to Escondido, California to attend Jon’s opening at Distinction Gallery, take photos, and write this exclusive interview. more » “Jon Jaylo’s Wonderland Chronicles”

August 17, 2015 | Author: webSman

Huma Kali – Exclusive MIROIR Interview

I was born in Santa Barbara, CA and raised in a rich(er) suburb of the county, (Montecito) so that I would qualify to attend the public school there, which was reputed for its great teachers and academic aptitude. Both of my parents struggled financially to keep me there, as we were definitely not wealthy, yet living among some of the most monetarily endowed people in the world. This set up some sociological issues for me early on- issues that still crop up in both my music and activism from time to time. But the point of the struggle was a good education and I certainly had that.
After winning a full-ride scholarships to Cal Arts for musical theater at 12, I participated in a concert, performing an excerpt from Les Miserables (directed by the extraordinary Gloria Menedes). I’d never performed for such a large audience at that point and received my first standing ovation that night. more » “Huma Kali – Exclusive MIROIR Interview”

November 24, 2014 | Author: webSman

In Karen Wight’s own Words: From the Inside

It was just after dinner time on a warm summer night when I pulled up to Karen Wight’s family house in the hills of Santa Barbara. We’d agreed on the interview date a week before and I came prepared with my voice recorder and notes to get us started.
more » “In Karen Wight’s own Words: From the Inside”

June 6, 2014 | Author: Jo David

Interview with Visionary Artist Alex Grey

Early years and the Art Process

Most children get the thrill of being creative with art materials.  I was lucky to have a father who studied art and was a professional designer who started me on the artist’s path by teaching me how to draw. I’ve always considered myself an artist.  I feel like the reincarnation of an artist, expressing a continuity of creative power and purpose.
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