August 5, 2019 | Author: webSman

The Photographer Sarah Bowman

I first approached photography as an outlet to encourage others to recognize and appreciate their own beauty. Years passed, as I became more inspired by ethereal and fantastical concepts, and I became interested in more creative interpretations.

The soft and whimsical poise of a fairy; darkness, dejection, feelings of loss and sorrow; I adore finding the allure anywhere on the spectrum. This passion has developed into a desire to offer a glimpse into the intangible, preternatural domain.

I draw much of my inspiration from folklore, mythology, or strong feelings. On occasion, a distinct face, or person, provokes an idea. Artistic films or video games may also arouse an image. more » “The Photographer Sarah Bowman”

August 4, 2019 | Author: webSman

Nina Pak. History Repeats Itself

And We Rarely Learn From Our Mistakes
This is a time when we should be looking back and learning from our mistakes, not only as something so all-encompassing as a nation, but on a smaller scale, as a member of the human race. Taking personal responsibility for our choices, our actions, and our lack thereof, because deciding not to act and not to speak, is also a decision with consequences.

Instead, we find ourselves subjected to the same ignorance and oppression which were the downfall of empires past. As women, or as citizens, are we seen, does our opinion matter, does our vote count, or do we even have a voice? My art for Historique draws on fashion styles of the past, they are also symbolic of the condition we find ourselves in today. more » “Nina Pak. History Repeats Itself”

July 26, 2019 | Author: webSman

Soulsearching – Jana Brike’s Exhibition in Corey Helford Gallery

Mostly using the traditional medium of oil painting on canvas, Brike’s art focuses on the internal space and state of a human soul – dreams, longing, love, pain, the vast range of emotions that the human condition offers and the transcendence of them all, the growing up and self-discovery. Her work is her poetic visual autobiography.

more » “Soulsearching – Jana Brike’s Exhibition in Corey Helford Gallery”

July 12, 2019 | Author: webSman

Interview with the Artist Britt Snyder

Q: Tell us about your painting style and what first sparked an interest in this medium.

A: I paint in oils on gessoed board. I learned to paint digitally before touching oil paint and always wanted to capture that effect on a canvas with paint. My painting style is really a result of my surroundings and limitations. I’m a big guy painting in a small room with big brushes and not a lot of finesse! I constantly make mistakes, knock over my paintings, scratch things, etc… more » “Interview with the Artist Britt Snyder”

June 29, 2019 | Author: webSman

Photographer Lillian Liu

History plays a dynamic part in my work. Whether it’s portraiture styles from centuries past, to stories handed down for generations and generations- I always try to nod towards what has already come to pass.

Although many things I do are not historically accurate by a long mile- I always try to keep the spirit of the idea present. Historically inspired silhouettes, with a modern and personal spin, is what I would call some of the pieces.

I coax poses from someplace intimate and person within the model’s movements, but often encourage them to frame it in a manner that echoes paintings or sculptures.

My subject matter also weaves between royalty, to witches, to blushing maidens…old deities, archaic religion…and unearthly creatures from fairytales. more » “Photographer Lillian Liu”