Surreal Dreams by Nina Pak

October 1, 2012 | Author: webSman

“Surreal Dreams” is a new photo session created by Miroir Magazine art director and photographer Nina Pak for the “Lyric Dreams” edition of the Miroir Magazine, published on 26.10.2012.

The images from this shoot were also taken on the day we photographed “Cherished“.
We had so many wonderful images that we divided the material into different submissions.

This set is focused on the lovely Rose Froze.

Rose has such fair skin it is nearly translucent. Together with her pale blue eyes and white blond hair, she is like an ethereal creature or what I imagine an angel might look like. I prefer to photograph her with no make up or if anything a natural look, even accentuating the pale look with white lashes. Like many models who have a look that is unique, she does not really embrace her otherworldlyness, and prefers to wear rather heavy make up. She is a make up artist as well, so she is familiar with a rich color pallet, and likes to experiment with different looks to transform herself. The few times I worked with her it was a challenge to convince her to let me photograph her in this natural way.

Photographer: Nina Pak Designer: Kristine (Helene) Hawthorne
Model: Rose Froze
Make Up Artist: Kat of Nightshade Beauty


MIROIR MAGAZINE - Lyrical Dreams - "Surreal Dreams" - Nina Pak

By Jo David in Miroir Magazine Lyrical Dreams

132 pages, published 10/26/2012

MIROIR MAGAZINE – Lyrical Dreams – Featured in our Lyrical Dreams edition: Dreams of the Last Butterflies, City Nymph, Surreal Dreams, Nina Pak, Exiles from Delight, Stephen Thorne, Ragen Mendenhall, Charlie Terrell, Francis A. Willey, Kelly Brown, and showcasing the art of Mark Garro, Josh Keys, John Brophy, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, and Ron English. • Miroir Magazine is an international fashion and arts magazine promoting aspiring and…