February 24, 2014 | Author: Nina Pak

Interview with Bill Garrett by Nina Pak

On a recent visit to Portland my friend Jean, whom I have known since high-school, took me to her cousins home for dinner, where Monte and his wife Susan made a meal fit for any gourmet restaurant. To my great delight Montes father Bill was with us that evening and I had an opportunity to speak with him about his life as an artist and view many of his large works that now are in every room of his sons home. more » “Interview with Bill Garrett by Nina Pak”

February 8, 2014 | Author: webSman

A Conversation with Paul Rivera by Alisa Solovyeva

When I first visited paulifornia.com, I immediately fell in love with its cool, hip and unpretentious vibe. Paulifornia’s blog features recently completed projects. Individually they are impressive, but collectively, they embody one man’s deep and lifelong passion for media, arts and music. That man is Paul Rivera, and try as I did, I could not find this photographer’s photograph on the website. I wondered if perhaps he was shy, preferring to view life from behind the camera. I quickly found out otherwise. more » “A Conversation with Paul Rivera by Alisa Solovyeva”

February 6, 2014 | Author: webSman

Works on Paper – Amanda Manitach

Amanda Manitach’s collection of ephemeral new works is on offer at Seattle’s Bryan Ohno Gallery in the International District. The work is on display until March 1st, 2014. Below, Miroir correspondent Siolo Thompson asked the artist some questions about her work, her artistic practice, and her obsessive nature.
more » “Works on Paper – Amanda Manitach”

December 30, 2013 | Author: webSman

Interview with Jasmine Worth by Alisa Solovyeva

Q: Your website is beautiful, updated and well organized! It also lists a very busy show schedule. How do you balance managing the business side of being an artist with the time to produce the art? more » “Interview with Jasmine Worth by Alisa Solovyeva”

December 3, 2013 | Author: webSman

Interview with Artist Sarah Joncas

Q: Tell me something about your history in the creative arts. Did you have a formal school education or are you self taught?

A: For the most part, I am self taught. Been drawing since I was 1st able to hold a pencil and painting since I was about 16. I did eventually go to art school after high school, but sadly the technical side of my art training lacked. I did enjoy what life drawing and painting I was able to receive though.
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